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It is my pleasure to introduce you tot his presentation.

John Vos discovered very early in his life the affection he had for pigeons. His father Jo, kept pigeons and already early on young John was watching from behind the windows when the pigeons flew off. Pigeons were fascinating John in a special way at that time and still are now at the age of 47. Of course this fascination has continued to grow over the years and has resulted in John becoming a real “Pigeon-fancier”.

But not just pigeons were John’s passion. John also likes cycling. Many times, driven by a great willpower, John found himself riding amongst the professionals and managed to win some of the matches as well.

In 1992, when John’s active cycle career was over, all his attention went back to the pigeon sport. John’s passion turned out to be in the 100 – 700 km, so this has become his speciality. John’s willpower and never ending perseverance seems to have affected his pigeons as well, which resulted in 2008 in him being the 5th best fancier in “WHZB”. He has spent a lot of time investigating the pigeons diet, which he based greatly on his own diet experiences from when he was a cyclist. It turned out to be a succes given the results.

Even though the middle distance match takes place on a Saturday, which is the day that John’s work in the cyclebranch demands a lot of his time, he has chosen to specialize in this area of the pigeon sport. John has chosen to go for the pigeons of Piet van de Merwe (80%) and the other 20% have come from van Braad – de Joode and Martin van Zon en Cris Hebberecht. This has turned out a very good choice if we look at the results of 2010:

  • 4th Blois 5186 pigeons
  • 5th Bourges 9595 pigeons
  • 10th, 12th and 17th Argenton 7157 pigeons
  • 12th Orleans 4771 pigeons
  • 13th La Souterain 6373 pigeons

A very nice pigeon cage installation surrounded by a  very spacious garden allow John to find his highly necessary relaxation in an exquisite hobby.

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